Microsoft Azure Offers HDInsight (Hadoop-as-a-service) to China

Microsoft HDInsight

Microsoft recently announced that they are making Azure HDInsight available for all customers in China as a public preview. This means Microsoft is the first global cloud provider to have a publicly available cloud Hadoop offering in China. So, both local Chinese organizations and multi-national corporations with offices in China can spin up a Hadoop cluster within minutes.

HDInsight is a Hadoop distribution powered by the cloud. This means HDInsight was architected to handle any amount of data, scaling from terabytes to petabytes on demand. You can spin up any number of nodes at anytime. Microsoft charges only for the compute and storage you actually use. Since it’s 100% Apache Hadoop, HDInsight can process unstructured or semi-structured data from web clickstreams, social media, server logs, devices and sensors, and more. This allows you to analyze new sets of data which uncovers new business possibilities to drive your organization forward. HDInsight has powerful programming extensions for languages including, C#, Java, .NET, and more. You can use your programming language of choice on Hadoop for the creation, configuration, submission, and monitoring of Hadoop jobs.

Source: Microsoft