Microsoft Azure ML And IoT Platform Is Changing The Way Millions Of The World’s Elevators Will Be Maintained

Windows IoT

At Worldwide Partner Conference held today, Microsoft highlighted their IoT platform, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, and Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service. These services will allow enterprises to use devices and sensors with the Intelligent Systems Service, to harness, analyze and utilize data. Microsoft CEO spoke about their partner CGI which is changing the way elevators are maintained around the world.

For example, in his keynote address today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella highlighted the work of partner CGI that’s dramatically changing the way more than 1 million of the world’s elevators will be maintained. CGI’s service puts Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and the Intelligent Systems Service to work, illustrating the deep insight that is possible when nontraditional and unorthodox data sources are centralized in the cloud service and accessible through a simple interface. The service harnesses data from sensors within each elevator, fueling rich data visualization enabled by Power BI for Office 365 to make sense of the information and building predictive capabilities with Azure ML — imagine elevators that can actually teach technicians which repairs they need, and when. Now, instead of just preventative maintenance, customer ThyssenKrupp Elevator can offer its customers something none of its competitors can: predictive and even preemptive maintenance.

Microsoft also revealed that they are seeing tremendous interest in Intelligent Systems Service in the three months since their limited public preview was announced, and they are making  a few changes to make it faster and easier to get started:

  1. They are increasing the number of participants accepted into our limited public preview, scaling the program to a broader set of customers.
  2. For those participating in the limited public preview, they are also offering special trainings to help get partners onboard solutions faster.

Sign up to request participation in the Intelligent Systems Service limited public preview here.

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