Microsoft Azure looking to hire hundreds of open source experts

Microsoft-open-source-technologiesMicrosoft is planning to hire hundreds of open source experts. Recently, Microsoft Azure CTO, told the 1,700-person crowd of open source and Linux professionals at the All Things Open tech conference, “Pass your resumes up.” If you are skilled in these technologies, we have hundreds of positions open globally.

Microsoft Azure, our cloud platform, is a growing collection of integrated services: analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web. Azure supports a large number of open source applications, frameworks, and languages, as a result of Microsoft’s work with open source communities. We understand that partners and customers, from startups to enterprises, want to use the tools that best fit their experience, skills, and application requirements, and our goal is to enable that choice.

Microsoft’s commitment to supporting Linux and open source software on Azure is also an opportunity to grow your career. We have positions open across the world and are looking for open source experts to help our customers move to the cloud.

Microsoft is already supporting wide variety of open technologies on Azure. In fact, one out of every four virtual machines deployed on Azure is running Linux.