Microsoft announces Azure IoT Connector for FHIR to enable the next generation of healthcare

Azure IoT Connector

Microsoft this week released the preview of Azure IoT Connector for FHIR, a fully managed feature that will be available as part of the Azure API for FHIR. The Azure IoT Connector for FHIR will allow will allow health organizations to build scalable end-to-end pipeline to ingest, transform, and manage PHI (Protected Health Information) data from IoT devices using the security of FHIR APIs.

This new connector will open up new remote care paths for patients living with chronic conditions. Patients can now securely share their health data in real time from their home devices to care providers.

Azure IoT Connector for FHIR features:

  • Conversion of biometric data (such as blood glucose, heart rate, or pulse ox) from connected devices into FHIR resources.
  • Scalability and real-time data processing.
  • Seamless integration with Azure IoT solutions and Azure Stream Analytics.
  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC) allows for managing access to device data at scale in Azure API for FHIR.
  • Audit log tracking for data flow.
  • Helps with compliance in the cloud: ISO 27001:2013 certified, supports HIPAA and GDPR, and built on the HITRUST certified Azure platform.

You can learn more about this new connector from the source link below.

Source: Microsoft