Microsoft Asks Students To Use Office Suite Instead Of Having Suboptimal Experience Using Google Docs

Microsoft recently blogged about the advantages of using Microsoft Office Suite by students for collaboration. Microsoft cites familiarity with Office and file fidelity are the two main advantages.

If you students want your ideas and creativity to be intact as you collaborate with other team members using different devices? With Office available on both PC and iPad, you can easily share Office documents among team members without worrying about losing the fidelity of the standard Office document format. Even when a feature is not supported on a particular device, Office retains the file fidelity and document formatting. So when you reopen the document on a platform that does support the feature, all capabilities are intact.

Microsoft also highlighted the suboptimal experience of using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Office is already available on Windows and iOS and will be made available in other platforms soon.

On the other hand, if someone on your team moves the file to Google Drive and opens it to make changes, you no longer experience that familiar Office look and the formatting is a mess, will likely be recreating the formatting and making sure no content was lost. No matter what kind of group project you’re collaborating on, you don’t want to waste time reformatting and finalizing the collective work of your team, or worrying whether one or more of your team members is unable to share in the rich Office experience on their devices. These Office experiences will continue to make collaborating across devices easier, richer and more complete than ever.

Source: Office blogs

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