Microsoft Applied Sciences show off type cover with embedded thin film touch screen


24, 2015


The touch and type covers for the Surface tablets are already pretty innovative, but Microsoft Applied Sciences have continued to innovate in the field of making tablets more productive.

Their latest creation, shown off as a prototype below, is a keyboard cover which they call a Display Cover with a 1280×305 e-ink multi-touch touch screen which also responds to stylus input.

The app can be used as a task switcher, to provide extra screen real estate for Photoshop palletes, run full apps such as email apps, and can be used for pen input, such as signatures.

With Microsoft’s increased focus on productivity, and with some really powerful smartphones coming, I cant help but feel that its time for the same approach to smartphones also, in particularly offering type covers for their new phablets.

Read more about the Display Cover at Microsoft here.

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