Microsoft announces winner of its Casual Game challenge


A few weeks ago we told you about a poll that Microsoft’s Casual Gaming team was holding in order to have you guys decide which game the team should create next. The choices included Microsoft Hearts, Microsoft Chess, Microsoft Casino Collection, Microsoft Ultimate Word Games, and Microsoft Bubbles. Well voting has come to a wrap and the team has officially announced a winner.

On a Windows blog, Microsoft casually announced that after tallying up the votes, by a very close margin, it’s next Casual Game would be Microsoft Ultimate Word Games. The team doesn’t go into much detail about what to expect, but presumably we’ll see a collection of games similar to the likes of Scrabble, crossword puzzles, and word searches. However if you are interested in having an input on the direction of the game, Microsoft does suggest that you join its Microsoft Casual Games Inner Circle. Here you’ll get to offer your opinions and feedback on game features and designs, while getting early access to beta builds.

Did you place a vote for the next casual game? Are you excited that Microsoft Ultimate Word Games won? Let us know in the comments section below.