Microsoft announces updates to the Fluent Design System at Build 2018


7, 2018

Microsoft has officially kicked off the developer-focused conference in Seattle. The conference which runs for 3 days will see the likes of Joe Belfiore and Satya Nadella talk about the different fields and what Microsoft is doing new in those fields to help the developer community.

With that in mind, Microsoft has announced changes to the Fluent Design System. If you don’t remember, Microsoft announced the Fluent Design System last year which focused on five key components: Light, Depth, Motion, Material, and Scale. The new design language includes more prominent use of motion, depth, and translucency effects.

The new changes include the ability to develop Fluent web apps for Windows without worrying about the UI stack. You can now easily create UWP apps and access more capable, flexible, powerful XAML controls regardless of which UI stack they use – whether it’s Windows Forms, WPF, or native Win32.

This is surely a welcome change and will help Microsoft reach more and more developers. Also, as Microsoft puts the foundation for Fluent Design System, it will be good if the company can get developers on board as well. It will be interesting to see if this new change will help Microsoft pull developers back to the Windows ecosystem.

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