Microsoft Announces Updated Office Mix App With Features That Make Authoring Easier

Office mix update

Microsoft has releases some new improvements to Office Mix to make authoring easier for first time customers, and other features for more seasoned users that make re-publishing a snap.

  • For customers new to Office Mix, we’ve made it easier to get started with some enhanced experiences to guide you through the process. For example, after you first install (or reinstall) Office Mix, the setup process automatically reminds you to open PowerPoint to see the new MIX tab on the PowerPoint ribbon to help you get started creating your Mix.
  • One of our top feature requests from our seasoned customers was to speed up the publishing process. To support this request, we’ve turned the mobile device playback OFF by default.  By eliminating this step, we’ve significantly reduced the time it takes to produce a mix.
  • Another top feature request was the ability to edit an existing mix without changing the URL. In prior versions, if you had shared an existing mix, there was no easy way to update the mix without updating the link. Now, you can easily choose to update an existing mix and keep the same URL.

Read more about it here.