Microsoft announces the general availability of Azure SQL Data Sync


18, 2018

Microsoft today announced the general availability of Azure SQL Data Sync and also announced some new capabilities of this service. Read about them below.

  • Better configuration experience – More reliable configuration workflow and more intuitive user experience.
  • More reliable and faster database schema refresh – Load database schema more efficiently using new SMO library.
  • More secured data synchronization – We reviewed the end-to-end sync workflow and ensured user data are always encrypted at rest and in transit. Data Sync service now meets GDPR compliance requirement.

Azure SQL Data Sync service allows organizations to synchronize data between Azure SQL Database and any other SQL endpoints unidirectionally or bidirectionally. It allows hybrid SQL deployment and local data access from both Azure and on-premises application. Maintaining a local copy significantly improves the application response time and reliability by eliminating the impact of network latency and connection failure rate.

Learn more about this announcement here.

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