Microsoft announces Project Sangam, a skill development and jobs platform for Indians


At the company’s Future Decoded event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella today announced Project Sangam, a new learning platform for Indian workers that brings together Microsoft’s cloud technologies and LinkedIn’s job search capabilities.

It will enable blended online and offline, teaching and learning. The project aims to connect the skills learning programs directly with relevant jobs, by leveraging the power of LinkedIn’s extensive job search platform.

Project Sangam aims to bridge the widening skill gap in the country today. People can sign up to get training on appropriate skills and once the training is over, they can find jobs through LinkedIn based on the acquired skills. It will also allow users to register using their Aadhaar identity ensuring life-long access to the platform.

Microsoft believes that this project can strengthen the skilling eco-system in India and has the potential to benefit millions of new skill seekers in the country.