Microsoft announces price reductions up to 17% on Azure virtual machines

Azure logo

As we already know, Microsoft has promised to make their prices comparable on commodity services like compute, storage, and bandwidth relative to Amazon Web Services. In keeping to this commitment, today they have announced price reductions up to 17% on the Azure D-series virtual machines, Dv2 Virtual Machines (Dv2 Virtual Machines sport 35% faster CPUs than D “v1” virtual machines and are based on the newest generation Intel Xeon (Haswell) processors)

The below table shows the price reductions using our US East 2 region as an example.

Virtual Machine Type Price Reduction
(Windows Server Instances)
Price Reduction
(Linux Instances)
D1-D5 v2 10% 14%
D11-14 v2 13% 17%

Microsoft also highlighted that unlike AWS EC2 instances, Azure Dv2 instances have load balancing and auto-scaling built-in at no additional charge which means customers get additional value when compared to Azure.

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