Microsoft Announces Preview Of Azure ML, A Fully-Managed Cloud Service For Building Predictive Analytics Solutions

Microsoft today announced that Azure ML will be available as public preview in July. Azure ML will allow organizations to create new solutions that bring together big data insights, the Internet of things and predictive analytics. In current scenario, machine learning is usually self-managed and on premises, requiring the training and expertise of data scientists. Since, data scientists are in short supply, commercial software licenses can be expensive and popular programming languages for statistical computing have a steep learning curve, Microsoft has come up with  Azure ML. Azure ML is a fully-managed cloud service for building predictive analytics solution.

Azure ML, which previews next month, will bring together the capabilities of new analytics tools, powerful algorithms developed for Microsoft products like Xbox and Bing, and years of machine learning experience into one simple and easy-to-use cloud service. For customers, this means virtually none of the startup costs associated with authoring, developing and scaling machine learning solutions. Visual workflows and startup templates will make common machine learning tasks simple and easy. And the ability to publish APIs and Web services in minutes and collaborate with others will quickly turn analytic assets into enterprise-grade production cloud services.

Visit Microsoft’s machine learning blog to learn more. Read more at Microsoft’s official blog.