Microsoft Announces Outlook Web App (OWA) For Android Devices

Outlook Web App for Android

Microsoft Exchange came up with ActiveSync technology and all major smartphones comes with Exchange ActiveSync support. Microsoft works closely with leading phone OEMs like Apple and Samsung to have great built-in support for Exchange allowing consumers to enjoy Exchange mail contents using their built-in mail client. Along with that, Microsoft is releasing Outlook Web App for devices to enable latest features for users. After OWA release for iOS devices, Microsoft today announced Outlook Web App for Android devices.

We also want our customers and users to have access to the latest features in Exchange. Of course, the Windows Phone team continues to provide the most comprehensive support for the latest Exchange features in the native Outlook app on Windows phones. On iPhone and iPad, we released the OWA app last year. And today we announced that we will be releasing the OWA app for Android as our latest step in that journey. Our phone users will have great built-in support for Exchange via the default email app on all phones – plus they can also use the OWA app on iOS and now Android to get the latest features.

Source: Microsoft