Microsoft Announces Office Online Updates That Improve The Reading View, File Management And Editing Experiences

Microsoft today announced a massive update for Office Online which improve the Reading View, file management and editing experiences.

1) Enhanced Reading Experiences:

To make the Reading View easier to use we updated the toolbar so that the Edit, Print, Share and Comments commands are now one click away and more the advanced tools, such as Translate or Download a file, are easier to find.

2) More options to save and manage your files:

Save As options have expanded to provide you additional file management options that we think you will appreciate.

  • Save As—Saves a copy of the file to your OneDrive. You can to select a new location and name for the file if desired.
  • Rename—Helps you easily change the file name.
  • Download a Copy—Allows you to save a copy of the file outside of your OneDrive onto computer or any attached storage device like a flash drive.
  • Download as PDF—Converts your file format to a PDF and then gives you the same choices as “Download a Copy.”
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3) Add files to OneDrive from the toolbar

If you’re accessing a file that you aren’t able to edit—such as a file someone shared with “view only” permissions—you can save your own copy with one click. Simply click Add to OneDrive, which is now on the toolbar, choose a destination in your OneDrive and press Save. You can now edit or share like you would any other file.

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There are several other features. Read about it in detail here.