Microsoft announces no.of new improvements in the Power BI


At the inaugural Microsoft Data Insight Summit, Microsoft PowerBI team announced several new features including that deliver enterprise readiness, deepen integration with Excel and enhance intelligent data exploration to make it even easier to analyze data and share insights.

Find their new announcements below.

Enterprise readiness

  • Role level security for cloud models and direct query is being introduced to provide granular control around who can access specific rows of data. Users can author and mange a single dashboard with customized views of the data unique to individuals. A preview will be available at the end of March.
  • To help organizations understand their overall Power BI usage, tenant-level usage reports are being enabled for assets like reports, dashboard, datasets and content packs. This reporting feature will be generally available by the end of March.

Deepened integration with Excel

  • Today we’re making generally available the ability to analyze Power BI data in Excel, enabling access to data that was loaded and modeled in Power BI.
  • Also generally available today is the ability to pin from Excel. Insights can be taken directly from the Excel desktop to Power BI dashboards, which will keep tiles on the dashboard up to date to help track your important data.

Intelligent data exploration

  • Improvements to Power BI’s natural language Q&A interface will be generally available in April to make it even simpler to use, with helpful visual cues, improved performance and an overall cleaner look.
  • Additionally, the unique query capabilities that help users find data and create visuals on the fly can now be used with direct query data sources. This combines the advantages of using Power BI’s direct query capabilities to access data stored on-premises and in the cloud by asking intuitive, natural questions via the Q&A interface – including Cortana, which will be able to answer questions from direct query sources used in Power BI. These features will be previewed in April.

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