Microsoft Announces No.Of Azure Preview Portal Enhancements, Increased Datacenter Capacity And More

Ahead of the Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft today made no.of announcements on the Azure platform with new and enhanced cloud services. It ranges from increased data center capacity to improved Azure preview portal.

1) Azure Preview Portal enhancements:

Microsoft is making Azure preview portal—that bridges the gap between infrastructure and platform services more richer day by day. Today, they announced new IaaS functionality, resource group enhancements, Azure image gallery updates, Azure SQL database and more.

2) New Event Hub:

With Azure Event Hub, which launches in preview next week, you can reliably and efficiently stream millions of events per second from millions of devices into multiple applications and storage systems.

3) Expansion of Azure ExpressRoute:

Today ExpressRoute is available in three locations in the US and Europe, but thanks to our growing partnership with Equinix, access to Azure via ExpressRoute will roll out in six additional locations around the world.

4) Two new data center regions in the US:

Next week we’re also planning to launch the US Central and US East 2 regions in Iowa and Virginia respectively.

5) Azure Government Cloud preview expansion:

Expanding the preview of the Microsoft’s Azure government cloud and announcing our intent to broaden our government cloud portfolio with a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online U.S. government cloud offering.

6) Azure ML:

Azure Machine Learning, a fully managed service for advanced analytics in the cloud will be available for public preview next week.

7) New Azure StorSimple:

Today, they announced the new Microsoft Azure StorSimple hybrid storage solutions for the enterprise. Read more about it here.

Source: Microsoft