Microsoft Announces New Partner In China To Deliver Skype Experiences



After ending their previous partnership with TOM few months back, Microsoft today announced a new partner in China to deliver Skype experiences. Guangming Founder (GMF) will be now operating Skype for Microsoft in China from now on.

We are excited to share that an updated version of Skype is now available for users in China through a new relationship. Today, Skype and Guangming Founder (GMF) announced a strategic partnership to deliver Skype across multiple platforms, including PCs and mobile devices.

Skype has been at the forefront of changing the way people communicate and GMF is a strong partner with a deep and rich understanding of mobile technology. Our shared excitement about communications and vision for the future will pave the way for us to enrich real communications in China.

The beta period starts today, as we migrate users and update the Skype software in China. Users in China will receive guidance on how to upgrade. The new version of Skype will be available on Windows 8.1, Desktop Classic (Mac and Windows desktop versions), Android and iOS (Phone and Tablet versions) and coming soon to Windows Phone

Source: Skype blog

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