Microsoft Announces New Office 365 Admin Center Preview?

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Microsoft today announced the new Office 365 Admin Center Preview which is more intuitive, informative, scalable and insightful so that you can do more in Office 365.

We started with a clean sheet and looked at how we could truly modernize the experience. We focused on simplifying the dashboard and how you access the tools. We targeted on making it easier to complete common tasks without having to leave the dashboard—whether it’s adding a new user, resetting a password or even simply checking your monthly bill. By focusing on making the experience more intuitive, you will achieve more by quickly getting through your needed administrative tasks—no more searching.

We realize that technology can be complex, and you may not be familiar with all the terminology and tools that are available. We are here to help by providing more informative ways of accomplishing your administrative tasks. We will introduce you to new features as they become available and provide detailed guidance so that you can easily follow the latest changes.

The Office 365 Admin Center Preview will start rolling out today to customers who have opted into First Release as well as some of our small business customers.