Microsoft announces new enhancements for SharePoint pages in Office 365

February 12, 2019

Microsoft today announced several new enhancements for SharePoint pages in Office 365. For example, you can now control what the title region of each page looks like, create a custom description from Page details, create custom page thumbnails and more. Read about these enhancements in detail below.

  • Modern SharePoint pages and news articles will now have more options to customize the title region of each page, with four layouts, two alignment choices, text badges above the title, the ability to change the displayed author, and show or hide the published date.
  • Modern pages support section backgrounds – this makes it easier to see the distinct sections and adds visual variety throughout the page.
  • Page owners can customize their page thumbnails and descriptions from within page details edit pane. Once adjusted, the content will then be represented in this way in search results, highlighted content, previews, and more
  • Previously, the thumbnail image for a page (used in search results, highlighted content, and SharePoint News) was auto-selected. Now, you’ll be able to select your own thumbnail image.
  • Previously, the first text that appeared on the page was auto-selected as the page description. You can now add your own custom description in Page details.

These features are now available for Targeted Release customers in Office 365. Microsoft will roll out these improvements to all Office 365 users by end of this month.

Source: Microsoft

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