Microsoft announces new B-Series VMs for bursty workloads

Microsoft yesterday announced the preview of new B-Series VMs in Azure. This new VM family will serve as a cost effective alternative for workloads in which the CPU performance is very bursty. Some workloads will run for a long time using very less CPU and then spike to the full power of the CPU due to incoming traffic or some other reason. To handle the peak CPU performance, customers are forced to select a high performance CPU and pay for the full CPU even though their workloads will use them very rarely. The new B-Series offers a cost effective way to deploy such workloads.

While B-Series VMs are running in the low-points and not fully utilizing the baseline performance of the CPU, your VM instance builds up credits. When the VM has accumulated enough credit, you can burst your usage, up to 100% of the vCPU for the period of time when your application requires the higher CPU performance.

Using B-Series VMs, you can pay and burst as needed, using only a fraction of the CPU when you don’t need it and burst up to 100% of the CPU when you do need it. B-Series VMs are now available in US – West 2, US – East, Europe – West and Asia Pacific – Southeast Azure regions. You can learn more about B-Series VMs here.