Microsoft Announces Health Cloud APIs Preview, Developers Can Now Integrate Microsoft Health Data Into Apps

Microsoft Health APIs

Microsoft Health Cloud API Preview allows developers to enhance the experiences of your apps and services with real-time user data. The RESTful APIs provide comprehensive user fitness and health data in an easy-to-consume JSON format. They allow developers to enhance the experiences of their apps and services with fitness data coming from Microsoft Health. These apps and services will be able to drive even more insightful and rich health and fitness features, by building upon a baseline of information provided by a consenting user.

As part of the preview, the first set of APIs that we are providing are read-only APIs for Activities and Summaries designed to provide developers read operations for Microsoft Health activity data, as well as interval based summaries for biometric data. When a user finishes a run, an application can query the Activities API and access details of the run as well as map points for the entire run that can then be used to create a map.

The Microsoft Health Cloud APIs preview provides you with all the tools to start building your apps today. Start by registering your application and visit the developer page to download a sample application, read up on the Getting Started documentation, and browse the API Reference.