Microsoft announces major update to Windows App Studio with support for REST API Data Source

App Studio

Microsoft today announced a massive update to Windows App Studio with lots of new capabilities. The major feature they announced today is the support for REST API Data Source, which will allow users to connect their app to almost any open REST API service available on the internet. In this release, they are supporting GET commands for REST APIs and have support for headers, as well.

There are REST APIs available for almost any type of data and almost every major service has an API for developers. For example, if you want to add event/concert listings to your app, you can use an API from a service like SeatGeek or SongKick to pull in event information for a region or filter you specify. The app you generate with this data will stay up to date each time it’s opened and makes a new request for data.

With Hosted Web Apps, you can now declare capabilities of your app, letting you can take advantage of the Windows 10 OS features with your server-side code so your web app can act like a native Windows UWP. You can now enable things like Live Tiles, Notifications, Cortana, and a lot more.

Microsoft has also made improvements to the generated app,

New Shell Control: Improved navigation and nav pane.

New Detail Pages: Improved layouts, better reading and content display taking advantage of HTML Block.

New About page: Improved the About page.

Performance improvements: General improvements for apps. Reduced memory and increased loading speed.

Carousel & Slider View: Updates to these components in generated apps.

Pagination & Infinite Scroll: Allows loading of more content from data sources, removing the fixed number of items (forty) retrieved previously.

Ordering: Allows ordering of the content as established in the app configuration. This also leads to a better experience in Live Tiles (if you have a Live Tile based on a collection ordered by a date field, when you add a new row it will appear in the live tile).

There are several other improvements, read about them in detail here. Check out the new release here.