Microsoft Announces Internet Explorer Developer Channel Release

Internet Explorer 12 Dev preview

Microsoft today surprised everyone by announcing the release of the Internet Explorer Developer Channel. IE Dev channel will be a fully functioning browser which will allow Web developers and early adopters a sneak peek at the Web platform features Internet Explorer team is working on. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox already offers similar developer release programs. Another good news for developers is that, IE Developer Channel can run alongside and independently of IE11, and has all of the browser features that you love in IE11, as well as the latest platform features that will come in the future. The current IE Developer Channel comes with support of the emerging Gamepad API standard that lets developers use JavaScript to add gamepad support to your Web apps and games. Yes, you can use Xbox 360 controller to play web based games! IE Developer Channel also improves WebGL performance and adds support for instancing extension, 16-bit textures, GLSL builtin variables, and triangle fans.

The Developer Channel is available for download today for both Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1 customers running Internet Explorer 11.

Microsoft also announced the following improvements to the F12 developer tools:

  • An enhanced debugging experience with event breakpoints that help you get to your event-driven bugs faster.
  • Richer analysis capabilities throughout the Memory and UI Responsiveness profilers, which support further reduction of noise through multi-dimensional timeline filter, while further increasing the semantic value of the data being reported by lighting up performance.measure() based instrumentation and dominator folding.
  • An improved navigation experience that provides more keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+[ and ctrl + ]), as well as new header notifications, which allows you to quickly determine whether any of the profiling tools are running or how many errors your page has.

Read more at IE blog.

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