Microsoft announces improvements to Microsoft Search in Bing


24, 2019

Microsoft recently announced several new improvements for Microsoft Search in Bing to make it consistent with Office 366 and SharePoint Online.

When you start your search, the top results now look the same and the information is presented in a similar way. Microsoft Search now also includes a set of related links below the answer. Also, when you just search for ‘me’, you can click See Profile to check your Office profile. The profile page displayed will allow you to:

  • Get more details: You’ll get more information, including ways people can contact you, people in your organization, your recent files, and recent emails.
  • Filter files by type: Click the Files tab to see a list of your most recent files. To narrow your results, you can easily filter the list.
  • Update your profile: To update old or incorrect information, click Update your profile. This link will take you to Delve where you can make any necessary changes.

Microsoft has now removed unnecessary space on the search results page to make it easily readable. Finally, based on your search and the relevancy of the work results, you may now get an answer or a preview of results.

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