Microsoft Announces Improved Windows Phone Web Store

Along with the rebranding of Windows Phone Marketplace to Windows Phone Store, Microsoft today announced number of improvements to Windows Phone Web Store. One of the main feature added was the new search experience powered by Bing.

The new Search box makes it easier to: •Find apps even if you make spelling mistakes or typos—for example, “Facebok” instead of “Facebook”. •Find similar apps more easily. For example, type “guitar” and you’ll see relevant apps even if they don’t have “guitar” in the title. •Finds apps in same genre. Type “health” to see apps related to dieting, exercise, and more.

The new online Windows Phone Store now adds some new browsing options to make finding apps even easier.

In the Store, for example, you’ll now see Top Free and Top Paid. The renamed and improved New+Rising list is not only refreshed more frequently, but takes into consideration how quickly an app is being downloaded. A new addition to the lineup—Best Rated—ranks apps based on customer ratings and actual usage patterns for a more nuanced picture of what’s great.

These changes are coming to Windows Phone Store app in our devices as well. Also as a result of the community feedback, Microsoft has  decided to make racier apps a little less visible.

via: Windows Phone Blog