Microsoft announces the general availability of School Data Sync

Microsoft today announced the general availability of School Data Sync (SDS), Microsoft’s online classroom automation solution. School Data Sync (SDS) helps schools automatically create online classes used by Microsoft Classroom. It also helps Student Information System (SIS) and app partners to integrate with each other so they can build richer learning experiences for the classroom.

SDS supports importing CSV files—so it supports virtually every SIS in the market. Microsoft also mentioned that hundreds of customers in over 20 countries have already used it to sync over 100,000 teachers and 2 million students.

SDS imports user profiles and rosters from a SIS into Office 365 and automatically keeps them up to date. Schools often find it can be costly and time-consuming to maintain the online classrooms because rosters naturally change throughout the year. With SDS, IT admins can save time creating online classrooms, and teachers can enjoy online classrooms that are up and running with students on the first day of the term.

SDS and Microsoft Classroom Preview can be used in nearly every country where Office 365 Education is available.

Read more about this announcement here.

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