Microsoft Announces General Availability Of Azure Search And Azure DocumentDB

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Microsoft today announced the general availability of Azure Search and Azure DocumentDB.

Azure Search:

Generally available on March 5, Azure Search is a search-as-a-service solution that helps developers to build sophisticated search experiences into web and mobile applications. This release offers enhanced multilanguage support for more than 50 languages—with the same technology used by Microsoft Office and Bing, built on our many years of experience with natural language processing. You can also now more easily load data from Azure DocumentDB, Azure SQL Database, and SQL Server on Azure VMs to Azure Search using new indexers. Plus, a .NET software development kit (SDK) is now available to make working with Azure Search a more familiar experience. For more information on these new features, please visit the Azure Search documentation webpage.

Azure DocumentDB:

Generally available on April 8, 2015, Azure DocumentDB is a fully managed, highly scalable NoSQL document database service. It offers rich query and transactional processing over a schema-free JavaScript Object Notification (JSON) data model, which helps enable rapid development and high performance for your applications. Offered in units that scale to meet the performance and storage needs of your application, DocumentDB allows you to quickly build, grow, and scale cloud applications.

Read more about Azure Search here and DocumentDB here.