Microsoft announces expanded support for Docker containers in Azure

Microsoft Dockercon

Today at DockerCon, Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure demonstrated new capabilities coming to Azure for running and managing containers in the cloud. For the first time, he also demonstrated SQL Server running on Linux, in a Docker container on Azure. Read about the new features demonstrated in detail below.

  • Docker Datacenter is now available in the Azure Marketplace, bringing container management and deployment services to enterprises with a production-ready platform supported by Docker and hosted locally behind the firewall. Deployment from the Azure Marketplace using pre-defined ARM (Azure Resource Manager) templates simplifies and reduces the time to stand up Docker Datacenter and get productive.
  • Docker Datacenter managing a hybrid, container-based application spread across Azure and, for the first time, Azure Stack on-premises. Azure Stack is Microsoft’s unique offering, providing “Azure in your datacenter” through consistency and connectivity. We’ll show how Docker Datacenter operates across public and private Azure clouds in true hybrid mode, enabling customers to manage hybrid applications with components in Azure and on-premises with Azure Stack.
  • Operations Management Suite (OMS) managing containers across Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack on-premises. Operational Management Suite (OMS) is Microsoft’s cloud IT management solution for any hybrid cloud, including Azure, AWS, WS or Linux, VMWare or OpenStack.
  • Preview of Azure Container Service adding support for Windows Server containers, using Docker Swarm to provide native clustering capabilities to turn Docker hosts into a single, virtual host. Azure Container Service is built on a choice of open source orchestrator technologies including Docker Swarm, to simplify configuration and deployment via few-click templates. With this, Azure Container Service now supports Linux and Windows Server, which will make the service available to developers regardless of their target operating system.
  • SQL Server running on Linux, in a Docker container. As we announced back in March, SQL Server on Linux is available as a private preview now. As of today, customers can get SQL Server on Linux on Ubuntu – as a Docker image. As enterprises use containers for production workloads, industry standard workloads like SQL Server will also need to run in containers for maximum portability and agility. This is noteworthy as containers continue to proliferate – particularly given SQL Server’s mission critical performance, industry leading TCO and hybrid cloud innovations like Stretch Database to access data on-premises or in the cloud.

More details are available in this blog post. Microsoft is also partnering with Docker to bring together the Docker and Windows ecosystems with Windows Server Containers – making containers available to the broadest set of developers for the first time.

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