Microsoft Announces Enhanced Document Collaboration Experience In Outlook Web App For Office 365 Users

Office 365 Outlook Web App Doc Edit

Microsoft today released a major feature in Outlook Web App for Office 365 users. This new feature will enable enhanced document collaboration experience for the users. Till now, when you send Office files as attachments, the other person has to first download the document to make the edits and reattach it to send it back. This requires multiple steps and context switches, which can be distracting and time-consuming. This new feature announced today aims to improve the way people interact with files as attachments in their email.

You will be able to edit a document straight from Outlook Web App and attach this edited document to an email response in just a few clicks.

  • When you open the attachment, you can now see the contents of that document in context (or “side-by-side”) with the email itself; you can see both at the same time. No more flipping back and forth between windows to get all the information you need. You can perform all of the standard messaging actions (reply, forward, and so on) right from within this view.
  • So our first big change as part of this enhanced document collaboration experience is the ability to view photos and Office files in a unified view. With this new view, it’s easy to review the information in the email alongside the attachment itself.
  • When you’re ready to edit the attachment and send your comments back, you no longer need to download the attachment, make your changes, rename the file, reattach it, and send your email reply back. You can now do all of this without leaving this new side-by-side view.
  • A new editable copy of the attachment you received is created and renamed with your name at the end of the filename, for example, “Northwind Energy (Garth Fort).pptx.” This way, you can differentiate the new copy of the file from the original one.
  • This new copy of the attachment is live, and any changes you make are automatically saved. Once you’re finished with your changes, you can simply type a response in the email and click Send.

Read about it in detail here.