Microsoft Announces Enhanced Bulk Email Experience In Exchange Online Protection

November 24, 2014

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Exchange Bulk

Microsoft today announed the enhanced bulk email experience in Exchange Online Protection. With this new feature, admins will have a simple, intuitive control in the Exchange Admin Center to allow them to easily block more of these “bulk” emails. For example, for Exchange Online, Microsoft was able to increase the percent of filtered emails based on these new bulk mail capabilities by another 16 percent in recent months.

Bulk (or “gray”) email is email that falls somewhere in the middle of spectrum between junk email and good email—some users want it, others do not. Examples of bulk email include newsletters, social updates and promotions. Earlier this year, we significantly increased EOP’s bulk detection and assigned Bulk Complaint Level (BCL) ratings to email from bulk senders to indicate the likelihood it would generate a complaint. Bulk email senders vary in their email sending practices. A low BCL indicates the sender generally uses good sending practices and the email is not likely to generate a complaint while a high BCL indicates the opposite. This release uses these BCL ratings to enable you to quickly configure the level of bulk email filtering your organization needs.

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