Microsoft Announces Bing Music Video Search Experience

Bing Videos Experience

Microsoft Bing today announced a new music video search experience which allows you to explore, discover and browse music videos on Bing. Microsoft has indexed about 1.7 million songs, 70,000 artists and a half a million albums. The home page of the search experience looks like the above.

How Does it Work?

When you search for a song, say Tighten Up by the Black Keys. You will see the most popular video showcased in the top-left of the screen. Microsoft is using Bing’s machine learning capabilities to show the most relevant and popular music video for an artist, album or song in the upper right of the screen. The videos are from YouTube, Vimeo, MTV, Artist Direct and more. You just need to hover over the video to see a preview and click play button to watch the full version.

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Find the Song You’re Looking For

We’re not just about top forty artists, in this release we’ve striven to provide the most comprehensive set of videos possible spanning genres, decades and geography.

Streamlined Music Discovery

We believe that search should be more than a collection of blue links pointing to pages around the web. Search should be a reflection of the actual world including music. To that end, Bing knows that artists create songs, songs are collected in albums and albums are part of musical genres. Using the connections between these things, Bing is able to generate a “Top Songs” section which uses the relationships and attributes of these people and things to provide a useful set of results.

Lost Art of the Album

In a world of digital downloads where singles are the norm, albums have become increasingly rare. There is still a romantic feel to owning a vinyl and experiencing a record in the particular order that the artist intended. With that in mind, we have assembled videos in the same order that they originally appeared on the album.

You can access the album view by simply clicking on an album in the related albums section, or click on the name of the album below the song name. We have live albums, original ones, greatest hits, collections and more.

Source: Bing