Microsoft Announces Bing Developer Platform With New APIs

Bing Platform

Microsoft today announced Bing as a platform for developers. Microsoft has created a platform that unites the intelligent services that power and by making these capabilities available to 3rdparty developers via new APIs and controls. Microsoft internally uses the Bing services across the breadth of their devices and applications including Windows 8.1’s new search capabilities, Windows Phone with features like Local Scout, Translations, Xbox One with voice command and gesture integration, and more. Microsoft is now announcing that these intelligent services/APIs will be available to third party developers to create more engaging customer experiences.

Bringing the World’s Knowledge to Your Apps

  • Understanding the World: We think knowledge is more than just a “graph”. It requires combining the web’s deep sets of information with insights derived from understanding the people, places, things, and actions in the real world. The Bing Entity API allows developers to create applications using this understanding to build scenarios that augment users’ abilities to discover and interact with their world faster and more easily than they can do today.

Natural and Intuitive User Experiences

  • The Gift of Sight: Giving machines the ability to see and understand is a long-held science fiction dream. The Bing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Control enables developers to integrate Microsoft’s robust cloud-based visual recognition capabilities into their applications.
  • Write Once, Read Anywhere: The world is shrinking and information is increasingly more global. The Bing Translator Control lets apps detect text and delivers automatic machine translation into a specified language so your users can stay informed wherever they are and whatever language they speak.
  • The Power of Voice: Being able to naturally converse with your device to do something is a top user request. The Bing Speech Control for Windows 8.1 allows developers to let users interact with their apps using simply their voice. In addition, the Bing Text-to-Speech API for Windows 8.1 gives devices and applications a voice by allowing them to speak out loud to make user interactions more natural and intuitive.

Awareness of the Physical World

  • View from the Top: So much of what we do in our lives depends on where we are and what is around us. The Bing Maps SDK for Windows 8.1 provides mapping, routing, and traffic capabilities for Windows Store applications in Windows 8.1.
  • Immersive Geospatial Experiences: Sometimes you need more than directions. The preview of the Bing Maps 3D SDK for Windows 8.1 will deliver photorealistic and smooth mapping experiences that let developers build apps that put the user in the center of the action.

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