Microsoft Announces Beta Releases Of Docker Machine And Docker Swarm On Azure

Azure Machine Learning

Microsoft today announced the beta releases of Docker Machine and Docker Swarm on Azure and Docker Machine support on Hyper-V. Microsoft is also planning to directly support Docker Compose in the Azure provisioning pipeline, using Docker Azure extension.

Docker Machine offers one portable command that works uniformly across a plethora of different infrastructures. We contributed driver capabilities in Azure to enable fast and agile deployment of Docker hosts using Docker Machine on Azure Virtual Machines, with Azure being one of the earliest contributors to Machine. There are several advantages to using Docker Machine, including the ability to automate the creation of your Docker VM hosts on any compatible OS and across many infrastructure options.

With today’s announcement, you can automate Docker host creation on Azure using the Docker Machine client on Linux or Windows. Additionally, Docker Machine provides you the ability to manage and configure your hosts from a single remote client. You no longer have to connect to each host separately to perform basic monitoring and management tasks, giving you the flexibility and efficiencies of centralized devops management.

Source: Azure