Microsoft announces Azure Stream Analytics support for IoT Hub Operations Monitoring




Azure Stream Analytics is a fully managed, real-time event processing engine that can process millions of events per second and perform aggregations and computations in near real-time. It helps to unlock deep insights from data. Stream Analytics makes it easy to set up real-time analytic computations on data streaming from devices, sensors, web sites, social media, applications, infrastructure systems, and more. Azure IoT Hub can be used with Stream Analytics to gather insights over the data your IoT devices send. But this doesn’t allow you to monitor the status of operations on your IoT hub in real time. To fix this problem, Microsoft is introducing the IoT Hub Operations Monitoring endpoint.

IoT Hub operations monitoring enables you to monitor the status of operations on your IoT hub in real time. IoT Hub tracks events across several categories of operations, and you can opt into sending events from one or more categories to an endpoint of your IoT hub for processing. You can monitor the data for errors or set up more complex processing based on data patterns. IoT Hub monitors five categories of events:

  • Device identity operations
  • Device telemetry
  • Cloud-to-device commands
  • Connections
  • File uploads

Read operations monitoring documentation for more details.

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