Microsoft Announces Azure Preview Portal Improvements

Microsoft Azure Portal

Microsoft yesterday announced a new set of improvements to the Azure Preview Portal in response to the great feedback. It includes enhancements to portal interactions, marketplace improvements, improved browser interaction and more.

Here is a quick summary of changes in this release:

  • Improved Portal interactions
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • New (and simpler) startup experience
    • Added Minimize command to all blades
    • Improvements in Browse
    • Maximized blades only scroll vertically
    • Simpler default startboard
    • New setting: disable animations
    • Show value of chart in X axis on hover
    • More resources implementing the Essentials pattern
  • Audit logs
  • Marketplace improvements
    • Updated New hub
    • Social sharing of marketplace items
    • Improved pricing tier blade
  • Improved browser interactions
    • Browser Back button support (preview)
    • Text selection in blade headers

Read more about it here.