Microsoft announces Azure IoT Gateway SDK beta

Azure IoT

At Hannover Messe, Microsoft announced that device management features for Azure IoT Hub will be broadly available in public preview, and the new Azure IoT Gateway SDK will be available in beta. Azure IoT Gateway SDK is now available for download in beta. It enables developers and ISVs to easily build and deploy gateway intelligence tailored to their specific scenario by providing code that reduces the necessary work required for the development of gateway logic.

The Azure IoT Gateway SDK does not place restrictions on the type of gateway solution that can be created. Our IoT philosophy is to support the many different types of operating systems and hardware developers use, so we’ve built the gateway with ANSI C on top of a platform abstraction layer, providing a high performance gateway framework with a portable and cross-platform library that runs on both Windows and Linux. We’ve also integrated standards like LWM2M for device management and posted the entire gateway codebase on GitHub as on open source project as part of our ongoing support for open source SDKs. In the Azure IoT ecosystem, developers are free to extend and contribute functionality as needed.

At launch, the Azure IoT SDK beta contains:

  • A framework to create extensible gateway solutions
  • Code which sends data from multiple devices over gateway to cloud connection
  • An example of how to connect a non-TCP/IP enabled device to the cloud via protocol translation on the gateway.

Microsoft is planning to implement additional gateway features listed below:

  • Enable developers to use high level languages (e.g. Node, Java, C#) when creating their custom gateway solution
  • Increase the productivity of developers using the SDK
  • Make more complex scenarios like cloud management of gateways a reality

You can check out Azure IoT Gateway SDK on GitHub.

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