Microsoft announces Azure Edge Zones preview to meet ultra-low latency compute requirements

Microsoft today announced the preview of Azure Edge Zones. Azure Edge Zones are local extensions of Azure that are suitable for solving compute, storage, and service availability issues by allowing you to provide resources closer to customers. Azure Edge Zones are available through Azure, with select carriers and operators, or as private customer zones. Read about them below.

  • Azure Edge Zones delivers consistent Azure services, app platform and management to the edge with 5G unlocking new scenarios for organizations.
  • Azure Edge Zones with carriers connect Azure services directly to 5G networks in the carrier’s datacenter, enabling developers to build optimized and scalable applications using Azure and directly connected to 5G networks, taking advantage of consistent Azure APIs and tooling available in the public cloud.
  • Azure Private Edge Zones provide a private 5G/LTE network combined with Azure Stack Edge on-premises delivering an ultra-low latency, secure and high bandwidth solution for organizations.

With the low edge latency and high bandwidth of Azure Edge Zones and 5G networks, developers can design apps that need ultra-low latency compute requirements. Online gaming, online meetings, and smart infrastructure are some of the examples of apps that can take advantage of Azure Edge Zones. The first edge zones will be available in June 2020. Azure Edge Zone with AT&T is currently available in North America and Azure Edge Zones will expand to more carriers in the future.

Source: Microsoft