Microsoft announces availability of TypeScript 2.0 RC


Microsoft today announced the release candidate of TypeScript 2.0. From the previous beta, they have not added any new features. TypeScript 2.0 comes with new features such as Tagged unions, support for globs and more.

  • Tagged unions are an exciting new feature that brings functionality from languages like F#, Swift, Rust, and others to JavaScript, while embracing the way that people write JavaScript today. This feature is also called discriminated unions, disjoint unions, or algebraic data types. But what’s in the feature is much more interesting than what’s in the name.
  • String literal types are a feature we showed off back in 1.8, and were tremendously useful. Like you saw above, we were able to leverage them to bring you tagged unions. We wanted to give some more love to types other than just string. In 2.0, each unique boolean, number, and enum member will have its own type!
  • TypeScript 2.0 finally adds support for globs. Globs allow us to write out wildcards for paths, making them as granular as you need without being tedious to write. You can use them in the new include field as well as the existing exclude field.

Download it using the below link,