Microsoft Announces Auto Camera backup, Improved Office Files Editing On The SkyDrive App For iOS



Microsoft today announced the long awaited update for the SkyDrive app users on iOS devices. SkyDrive app now supports auto backup of photos from your camera roll. With the new camera backup feature, you can control if uploads happen over Wi-Fi or your data network, whether photos are uploaded at original resolution or down-sampled to save space on your SkyDrive, and whether videos are included.

Microsoft also announced improved viewing and editing experience for people who use Office Mobile for iPhone and OneNote for iOS.

With this update, when you’re using Office Mobile to select a recent doc from SkyDrive, you can open it directly in Office Mobile or OneNote, instead of the Quicklook viewer that we offer today. After you make edits, you can save your changes back to SkyDrive. This means you get a more seamless editing experience, no matter where you choose to open the file.

Apart from the iOS app update, Microsoft also announced one of the most requested features on You can now share photos from SkyDrive to Facebook albums directly.

When sharing one or multiple photos, you now have the option to share to an existing Facebook album, or to put them in a new album. If the latter, you can name and set the permissions for the folder all from within SkyDrive before sharing to Facebook. This means you can now have photos on your iOS device uploaded automatically to SkyDrive, and then share those photos to Facebook via in just a few easy steps.

Source: Windows Team Blog

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