Microsoft Announces A New API For Visual Studio Online, Integration With 18 Tools/Services

Visual Studio Online API

Microsoft today made a big announcement in the regarding Visual Studio Online. They have released a new  API is based on REST, OAUTH, Json and Service Hooks – all standard web technologies broadly supported in the industry. 3rd party tools and services can make use of this API to build on top of VS Online. Microsoft has already worked to provide specific integrations with 18 tools/services and will add more in the future.

The reason for the new API is we wanted to make it dramatically easier to integrate VS Online with other web based tools and to access VS Online from any mobile device – whether they are 3rd party commercial tools or custom ones you are building.  Because we’ve used the standard technologies, many integrations can be done simply by wiring up simple connections with a service like Zapier.  And all connected devices – Android, iOS, Windows and more, have great support for working with services using these protocols.

The API is still currently in preview and Microsoft is looking forward to improve it.

Source: VS blog