Microsoft announces 350 million Windows 7 licenses sold in 18 months


Windows 7 is one of Microsoft’s best received operating systems ever, and to underline this Microsoft has just announced they have sold 350 million licenses for the operating system in 7 months.

The OS has also started achieving what so far seemed to be impossible – finally overtake Microsoft’s other very successful operating system Windows XP, with StatCounter confirming, at least in USA, that the installed base for Windows 7 has finally edged past Windows XP.

This look set to only snowball from there however, with IDC estimating that more than 90% of businesses are currently in progress with their Windows 7 migrations.

Interestingly with Windows 8 expected to arrive in less than one year, it seems we are back onto a more enjoyable bi-yearly upgrade cycle, with good things coming much faster than before.

Read more at Microsoft here.