Microsoft and Zeiss talks Pureview future, foresees camera modules less than 5mm thick


25, 2014

Author Surur // in News


Nokia Conversations have posted an interview with Oliver Schindelbeck, research and product development manager for ZEISS regarding Pureview, Nokia and Microsoft’s collaboration with Zeiss and the future of the technology.

When talking about the future, Schindelbeck noted that with current technology camera modules were getting about as thin as they could get without sacrificing camera quality (which explains the need for protruding camera modules in today’s super-thin phones.)

He said:

Well, we would like to see camera modules that are even thinner. With the existing technology, we are getting closer and closer to a limit. If you want reasonable image quality with existing technologies, I would say five to six millimeters would be probably the limit.

Of course technology does not stand still, and he continued:

However, there are some upcoming technologies that are promising so that we may be able to manufacture significantly thinner camera modules some time in the future.

imageNokia has been investing in computational photography, which may use technology as radical as a flat array of sensors to reconstruct images and do away completely with lenses and all but the barest of thickness.

Of course what all our readers want to hear is when the next 41 megapixel camera is coming, but we wonder of Nokia is not waiting for the next thinness revolution to arrive first.

Read more at Nokia Conversations here.

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