Microsoft and Sprinklr announce partnership to provide cloud-based experience management suite

Sprinklr Microsoft

Microsoft today announced that they will work with Sprinklr, one of the world’s leading enterprise social media management solutions, to provide clients with a cloud-based experience management suite that will streamline business processes across sales, marketing, and customer service. Sprinklr will be extending its platform to Microsoft Azure, to power new, joint Microsoft-Sprinklr customers.

Sprinklr’s upcoming solution will be hosted on Azure, to streamline business processes across sales, marketing and customer service. It will integrate Sprinklr’s experience management platform with Microsoft’s customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Microsoft Dynamics, business analytics suite, Power BI, and productivity suite, Office 365 to power a next-generation experience management suite – all hosted in the Microsoft cloud.

Here’s an overview of what the news means for joint Microsoft and Sprinklr customers:

  • Leading developer tools. Azure’s development capabilities will enable Sprinklr to move even faster with future platform enhancements and integrations.
  • Intelligent cloud. Sprinklr will leverage Azure’s elastic search capabilities and advanced compute modules, including key elements of its reporting product and user interface.
  • Massive global scale for new joint Sprinklr and Azure customers. Azure has announced 32 regions globally with 24 regions currently generally available – more than any other major cloud provider combined and all backed by Microsoft’s $15 billion (USD) investment in global datacenter infrastructure.
  • Trusted and secure platform. Azure has 37 major certifications and attestations – also more than any other major public cloud provider, enabling our customers to operate globally and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. A full list can be found on the Microsoft Trust Center at

Check out this blog post for more info.