Microsoft and Nokia promoting Windows Phones at AMC theatres

Microsoft is not letting any opportunity to promote Windows Phone pass them by.  Their latest effort, noticed by reader Erzhik, was a promotion at the AMC theatre network in USA, where the OS appears in billings, onscreen ads and on the popcorn bags.

The ads on the popcorn offer a QRcode (or url) which when scanned will let user try our the Windows Phone user interface on their current phone and promotes Nokia’s US windows phone range on the other side.

Given that there is usually a few minutes waiting period before the movie starts, the promotion looks like a good way to get a younger demographic to give Windows Phone a try,  hopefully paired with some good Windows Phone commercials before the actual showing.

Thanks Erzhik for the tip and photos, the second of which he says was taken in pitch darkness without a flash, which is a pretty good ad for a Windows Phone all by itself 🙂