Microsoft and Nokia aiming for deeper Xbox integration in WP7

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Speaking to the INQUIRER Nokia’s head of apps and partnerships, Keith Varty spoke about Nokia’s plans to support Windows Phone 7 development.

"It’s our smartphone platform and very much our plan A and it very much hasn’t had the focus from others [manufacturers]. It’s kind of welcomed.” he said. “If you talk to operators, developers and retail staff everyone really likes the platform."

He confirmed Microsoft and Nokia want to integrate Xbox further with the Windows Phone OS.

Varty said, "We want to tightly integrate more. The ambition would be to be able to stop a game on the Xbox and pick it up over the device."

Microsoft has previously shown off cross-platform games which ran equally well on the Xbox 360 as Windows Phone 7, but has so far not appeared to make any moves in that direction.

He also spoke of supporting developers by providing funding for app promotion, app translation, and training.

"The investment we are making behind the platform, I’m sure we will tick that box {of growing share]. Our job is to potentially get the awareness out there."

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