Microsoft And I-O DATA Signs Updated Patent Agreement

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Microsoft today announced that I-O DATA DEVICE INC. and Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC have updated their patent agreement that continues I-O DATA’s coverage for its Linux devices, as well as coverage for its Android-based devices, under Microsoft’s patent portfolio.

“I-O DATA has a rich history of advanced research and development that has brought innovative technologies to market. Today’s agreement with Microsoft is built upon that respect for patented innovation and ensures that our customers will continue to benefit from advanced technologies with appropriate patent protections,” said Tomomi Tsuchida, executive officer and general manager of the Planning and Development Department of I-O DATA DEVICE.

“The agreement with I-O DATA is just the latest in a series of agreements where existing licensees have renewed and expanded their patent coverage with Microsoft,” said Nick Psyhogeos, vice president and executive director of Microsoft Technology Licensing. “Our ongoing partnerships forged by patent agreements demonstrate that patent licensing is a remarkably efficient way for companies to mutually benefit from technologies and provide enhanced innovations for consumers.”

This agreement covers I-O DATA network-attached storage devices, routers, and tablets as well. As usual, the terms of the agreement are confidential.