Microsoft and BMW bring Skype for Business to the new BMW 5 series dashboard


13, 2017

Commute times are increasing day by day because of traffic and other reasons. People need a way to capitalize on time spent in their cars. Microsoft is partnering with BMW to improve the productivity of people driving BMW cars.

Last year, Microsoft announced a partnership with BMW for their new BMW Connected app for iOS devices powered by Microsoft Azure. BMW Connected app acts as a smart personalized assistant learns your mobility patterns and usage to optimize your time, you can stay in control of your vehicle with remote commands and it can be the one place for all your end-to-end trip planning with your vehicle. Following the launch of the new BMW 5 series in December last year, BMW started offering Office 365 communications and collaboration services through Microsoft Exchange to drivers.

At BMW’s annual ‘Innovation Days’ event today, BMW announced it will expand Office 365 services integration to include Skype for Business, which means people driving BMW 5 series can attend Skype meetings in their car. It will also have the ability to alert the driver of upcoming meetings, give a heads-up that a meeting has been rescheduled, or offer to start the next meeting without the need to dial a phone. Microsoft Exchange will also integrate calendars, to-do lists and contacts using the car’s voice and navigation systems.

This functionality will be integrated and operated via BMW’s iDrive system. The services will be offered in Germany, France and the U.K., BMW will also expand to other markets soon.

Dieter May, BMW senior vice president, Digital Products and Services, says, “With BMW Connected we offer a wide range of digital services designed to help users with their daily mobility needs inside and outside of the car. We seek to continuously extend and enhance the customer experience with regard to all aspects of their mobility. The integration of productivity features in-car (like Exchange and Skype for Business) and personalized and contextual services will help customers with their day-to-day work and planning while they are on the road.”

Last year, Volvo announced that they are bringing Skype for Business app to their 90 series models: XC90, V90, and S90.

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