Microsoft Analyst Day- change coming for Windows Mobile

Robbie Bach, head of the Entertainment and Devices Devision is addressing the attendees at the Microsoft Analyst Day today, and has made some comments on the future of Windows Mobile. While re-iterating Windows Mobile achievements, such as outselling RIM and gaining market share, Bach has put forward some directions for change in Windows Mobile.

Firstly, while Microsoft intends to take RIM head-on in the corporate e-mail arena, they also intend to expand the consumer focus, and make it easier for users to find content, such as video, music, and games. Whether this will be though a portal service was not expanded upon.

They will continue working on the user experience, using assets such as those recently acquired from Danger. They also intend to leverage their own assets such as Windows live, which is now on 3 major mobile platforms (Symbian, RIM and Windows Mobile) to generate add dollars, and already boasts 400 million add impressions.

Mobile advertising will also get more creative, using tools like Silverlight Mobile (which was demonstrated) to engage users better.

No mention were made of a Zune phone.

Source: Silicon Alley Insider