Microsoft Already Working To Fix The Home Button Issue For Artists In Surface Pro 3

When Surface Pro 3 was originally announced last month, few artists like Penny Arcade’s  Gabriel pointed out the annoying home button issue while they are drawing on Surface. Whenever he was trying to draw , he kept brushing that home button and getting kicked out to the desktop. Microsoft Surface team invited him to the campus and a team of designers and engineers watched him actually draw to find a solution to the issue. Gabriel also pointed out how pressure sensitivity felt a little off to him when compared to Surface Pro 2 and then there was some lag. After few weeks, Microsoft team sent out few devices with fixes for him to try. For home button issue the fix is that basically when the pen is in contact with the screen the home button is disabled. It stays disabled for a couple seconds after lifting the pen up so that you can lift your hand up and select menu items. And for pressure sensitivity, they are trying various press curves. Even though Microsoft has not provided any updates on how they will deliver these fixes to end users, it is good to see them trying to fix it. Gabriel’s thought on Microsoft and Surface team,

It’s one thing to invite me out to give them my feedback. They very easily could have done that and then not done anything with it. Honestly I wouldn’t have blamed them. I mean the device is done and shipping in like a week. To see them come back to me with fixes for my problems was really amazing. They are putting time and effort into making sure the Surface Pro 3 does what artists want it to do. You hear a lot about MS being this massive company that doesn’t listen but that’s really not fair in this case. The Surface team seems incredibly passionate and open to hearing feedback about their baby. After I was done drawing I went out to lunch with some of the people from the team. I said to them “listen, I am an edge case. I don’t use this machine the way most of your users will use it. I understand this thing isn’t going to do everything for everyone.” Their answer was basically “why not?”

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